Simple, Light, Fast is the slogan of Smart Launcher, the innovative custom launcher that has been selected by Google as one of Fragment Navigation Drawer. So you have a Navigation Drawer and want to use a custom font. Androids default system font is pretty boring. Navigation drawer clipped ... the drawer forces other content to change size and adapt to the smaller viewport. Throwing things out of anger is never a smart move, but it can also lead to more serious consequences. Pretty easy right? You can put image in your navigation drawer. In Common Navigation Paradigms cliffnotes, we discuss the various navigational structures available within Android apps. Fish-finding Sonar & Mapping GPS. It's very esay. LCX-112C Sonar pdf manual download. TL;DR If you use the New Image Asset dialog, choose a black foreground color and change the resource name. How to change the menu font? Font gives you freedom to change icon's size, color, shadow and other things on the fly just as if it were a text character. Android Example: Change the Background & Text Color of Android Option Menu. View and Download Lexmark X945e MFP 7510 series service manual online. You can put image in your navigation drawer. Spice things up with an easy font change. But neither the title of the ActionBar nor the font change. 3. But neither the title of the ActionBar nor the font change. Find product information, ratings and reviews for Garmin Vvosmart HR + Activity Tracker with Built-In GPS online on Now lets first define how our header in the navigation drawer would look like, for this go ahead and create a new layout resource file in your layouts folder and name it header.xml. Please help! In this tutorial Ill try to demonstrate how implement a navigation drawer according to your customizations. The number of pixels that fit into an inch is referred to as pixel density. Only you have to declare a layout. I have something But as you know this only works in API 17 and above. With the new Palette library and Material design, we're able to create more color-aware applications, implementing color adaptable user interfaces. Only you have to declare a layout. Icons rock when used as a font! It is a recent addition to Material Design guidelines. 1 CodeMonkey GB Member July 2013 Scratch that, got it working, thanks for the help guys. So heres what I 1. If look at the navigation drawer sample application at website, you I am trying to change the icon of a nav drawer item when it is selected. Edited: My font "TTF" file is in assets/fonts and I know how to set it for a textview using java, but I don't know how to set it to navigation drawer menu. Add the following code to the file. Change ActionBar Title Font. These instructions assume that you already implemented a Navigation Drawer that follows Android Developers guidelines: Creating a Navigation Drawer. Items in navigation drawer don't have ... to use Calligraphy to set a custom font to the navigation drawer? Now we will learn to customise the menus and to add the screens for the menus using fragment.